How We Conduct Reviews

How We Conduct Reviews

How We Conduct Reviews

We take our review process seriously, aiming to provide accurate and up-to-date information for our readers. To ensure reliability, we follow a meticulous procedure.

Review Process

DEX’s reviews start with comprehensive research involving an analysis of product claims, reputation, and user reports. This includes a deep dive into the platform’s features, functionality, and benefits, supplemented by examining its reputation and user feedback. By analyzing experiences and opinions shared by users, we aim to present a detailed and precise evaluation.


DEX’s research involves analyzing product claims, reputation, and user reports online to understand the platform’s performance. We emphasize gathering data from diverse sources to ensure a holistic assessment. We assess product claims to understand the platform’s offerings, while reputation and user reports help establish trustworthiness and usability.


Continuing our assessment, we actively test the platform’s functionality using a rigorous methodology. This includes evaluating the sign-up process, funding options, available assets, trading features, and fees. DEX’s goal is to provide precise and analytical insights into the platform’s performance.


Our comprehensive reports are based on personal experiences and extensive research. Writing plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and thoroughness in our evaluations. DEX analyzes the information gathered during testing and presents it concisely and clearly in our reports.


During the editing process, we collaborate to enhance accuracy and readability. We meticulously fact-check details, cross-reference findings, and ensure our reports are easily understandable, focusing on clarity and conciseness.


After the initial review is published, we commit to keeping it current by regularly updating it with new information. This involves staying informed about any changes or updates to the platform being reviewed and testing it again to verify any new claims or features.

What We Test

In our platform assessment, we thoroughly examine the sign-up process, funding choices, available assets, trading options, and associated fees.

Regarding asset diversity, we gauge the spectrum of available assets for trading, encompassing fiat options, altcoins, and NFTs. This analysis aids in understanding the platform’s adaptability to various investment approaches and user preferences.

Moreover, we place substantial emphasis on the significance of customer support within the cryptocurrency realm. Our evaluation encompasses the level of assistance provided by each service, encompassing different support types and the support’s role for novice investors.

DEX firmly believes that responsive and dependable customer support significantly impacts user satisfaction and ease, particularly in the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies.

Sign-up Process

We analyze the information required and the ease of verification for different account types. This involves reviewing the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and steps taken to verify user identities, ensuring a secure and user-friendly sign-up process.

Funding Your Account

We evaluate the ease of adding funds, available payment methods, and associated deposit fees. Considering different deposit methods and their impact on users with various investment goals, we provide insights into the funding process.

Available Assets

DEX assesses the variety of assets available for trading, including altcoins and NFTs, emphasizing the importance of fiat purchases as an accessible entry point into the cryptocurrency market.

Ways to Trade

We examine the platform features that facilitate effective trading strategies, including order types, trading tools, interface usability, and trade execution speed.


We focus on the impact of trading fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and network fees on users’ overall experiences. Comparing fees across platforms allows users to make informed decisions to optimize their trading activities.


What criteria do you use to review platforms?

We assess various aspects, including the sign-up process, funding options, available assets, trading features, and fees. Our criteria focus on user experience, security, and the platform’s functionality.

How often do you update your reviews?

We are committed to keeping our reviews current by regularly updating them with new information. We monitor platforms for any changes, updates, or new features, and our reviews reflect the most accurate and relevant information available.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your information?

Our team conducts thorough research and testing, cross-references information from multiple reliable sources, and collaborates extensively during the editing process. We focus on accuracy, fact-checking, and clarity to provide reliable information to our readers.

What do you prioritize in your reviews?

We prioritize providing our readers with precise and analytical insights into the platform’s performance. User experience, security, functionality, and fees are among our primary concerns when conducting reviews.


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