MyShell Launches OpenVoice: Revolutionary AI for Voice Cloning

A groundbreaking open-source AI named OpenVoice has been unveiled, promising unparalleled speed and precision in voice cloning.

Developed collaboratively by researchers at MIT, Tsinghua University, and the Canadian startup MyShell, OpenVoice stands out for its ability to clone a voice within seconds of audio input, offering intricate control over aspects like tone, emotion, accent, rhythm, and more.

MyShell introduced OpenVoice through a recent announcement, providing access to a pre-reviewed research paper elucidating the technology. They’ve also showcased demo sites on MyShell’s platform and HuggingFace, inviting users to experience the capabilities firsthand.

MyShell: A Hub of Innovation

Embedded within this breakthrough is the influence of MyShell, a Calgary-based startup established in 2023. Having secured $5.6 million in initial funding and already garnering a user base exceeding 400,000, MyShell positions itself as a decentralized platform for developing and exploring AI applications.

Myshell image

Beyond the pioneering instant voice cloning feature, MyShell offers an array of original text-based chatbot personalities, meme generators, user-generated text RPGs, and more. While some content requires a subscription fee, the company also levies charges on bot creators seeking promotion within its platform.

By opting to open-source its voice cloning capabilities through HuggingFace, MyShell aims to expand its user base across various domains. Simultaneously, they capitalize on their diverse app ecosystem, marking a significant stride towards fostering an open model for AI development.


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