DEPT®’s Bob Briski Explores the Future of AI-Infused Experiences

AI News recently sat down with Bob Briski, CTO of DEPT®, delving into the intersection of creativity and technology shaping the next chapter in digital experiences.

DEPT: Innovating AI-Powered Solutions

At the core of DEPT®’s strategy lies the artful fusion of ‘pioneering’ and ’boutique’ principles encapsulated in their motto, “pioneering work on a global scale with a boutique culture.”

Briski elucidated this blend, highlighting how DEPT® strategically deploys large language models to craft highly personalized messages for diverse audiences. These models enable the understanding of individuals at scale, fostering nuanced interactions.

“The way we utilize these models is to deliver targeted messages to a large audience,” Briski notes.

Leveraging AI Across Domains

The integration of AI across sectors like retail, sports, education, and healthcare presents opportunities and challenges. DEPT® navigates this complexity by leveraging generative AI and vast datasets, ensuring precise contextual responses tailored to specific sectors.

“Pre-training these models allows for expertise across domains,” Briski explains.

DEPT®’s Metaverse Ventures

DEPT® has ventured into the web3 space and the metaverse through collaborations with platforms like Roblox, empowering users to create and enjoy user-generated content on a grand scale.

Innovation at DEPT®: Prepare to Pioneer

DEPT® fosters innovation through its ‘Greenhouse’ initiative, cultivating nascent ideas into robust solutions for clients.

“We grow ideas tough enough for the external world,” Briski affirms.

Navigating AI’s Pitfalls

While AI-driven solutions hold immense promise, Briski emphasizes the need for caution and robust quality assurance measures.

DEPT® at AI & Big Data Expo Global

In December, DEPT® sponsors the AI & Big Data Expo Global. Briski, a speaker at the event, explores BI strategies enhanced by large language models.

“As we redefine digital paradigms,” Briski concludes, “we anticipate the evolution of AI-powered experiences by DEPT®.”


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